A Letter from Snap! Raise CEO on Coronavirus Gwen Kestrel March 16, 2020
A Letter from Snap! Raise CEO on Coronavirus

We started Snap! Raise in 2014 to support champion leaders and keep students safe during the fundraising process.

In recent days, that mission has taken on new meaning. As we venture into uncharted waters together, I want to take a moment to address our passionate community of coaches and educators.

First—I believe the work you do to champion future leaders is essential. The life skills you have taught your students will serve them well as we navigate this crisis.

I’m hopeful that any missed time with your program will be temporary, as I know how hard you work to prepare your students to be their best. But wherever these coming weeks and months will lead us, the bottom line is this:

No matter how the priorities of your program change, we are still here to support you.

Our team and platform are ready to meet your needs, whatever they may be. We updated our fundraising process so you have the option to run a Snap! Raise campaign fully online. Our objective is to provide support, be it in-person or digitally, in a way that remains as simple and effective as ever.

I have been moved at the outpouring of programs using Snap! Raise not only to fundraise for future program goals, but to raise funds for their community and support those affected by the crisis. Despite cancelled seasons and disappointment, champion leaders like you are still finding ways to impact your community.

It’s exactly this servant leadership that makes us proud to do what we do and keeps us optimistic for the future.

We are still prepared to serve you and your program however we can—whether that is in-person or completely online. If you are required to adjust your routine but still need fundraising support, Snap! Raise can help you meet your goals while keeping your community safe.

I’ll close with one last thought:

Every kid needs a champion, and now they need those champions more than ever. Our mission at Snap! Raise will always be to support champion leaders like you.

Stay safe, and don’t hesitate to let us know how Snap! Raise can help you.

Thank you for the amazing work you do and for your leadership during this challenging time. We’ve got your back.

Cole Morgan

CEO & Founder, Snap! Raise

Ballard High School, 2004


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