Earn More for Your School or Club Gwen Kestrel June 8, 2021
Earn More for Your School or Club

“I literally had minimal work to do for a maximum profit.”

Trey Harris, Bassett HS, VA

Snap! Raise is excited to offer more ways for you to easily and effectively fund your program through our recent Fanatics partnership. Fanatics offers an easy and simple way to raise additional funds, outside of your 28 days Snap! Raise fundraiser. It takes no work to set up and the click up a button to start.

Now your fans and community can support your program by buying the pro, college and other athletic gear they would buy anyway with 10% going back to your program!

How it Works

If you’ve run a Snap! Raise campaign, you’re ready to go! Simply log-in, navigate to your program dashboard, and find your Snap! Raise + Fanatics store link and share!

Snap! Raise + Fanatics gives your fans a way to donate, while also purchasing something that they will actually wear.

  • If you know people who buy pro and college gear, your Snap! Raise + Fanatics link is the perfect way for supporters/fans and purchase attire for themselves while helping your program of choice.

Your Snap! Raise + Fanatics link is always on and always fundraising for you, year round

  • Always on donating gives programs the ability to fundraise throughout the year. It’s less pressure on donors while also providing the chance to support if they missed the Snap! Raise fundraiser.

Snap! Raise + Fanatics takes no work to set up and is easy to share

  • Once you’ve run a Snap! Raise fundraiser, we create a Snap! Raise + Fanatics link—you’re automatically ready to go! Simply share the link and 10% all store purchases go right to the program account you provided for your Snap! Raise fundraiser.

How to Share your Snap! Raise + Fanatics Store

Share your Snap! Raise + Fanatics store link and sit back while your program’s bank account grows. Get started with some of these tips:

  1. Communication Apps: Whether you communicate through text or through Google Classroom, this is the first place you can share your custom Fanatics link to your participants, their families, and your booster clubs.
  2. Custom Thank-You Message: Send a custom “Thank You” through the Snap! Raise platform to everyone who supported your campaign. Add your Fanatics link to simultaneously express your gratitude and spread the news.
  3. Social Media: Download the attached social graphic for a quick and easy post to reach your fans, far and wide.
  4. ASB Clubs/Administration: Your school is a far-reaching, powerful resource to let participants and families to know of the new opportunity to support your program.

That’s all there is to it.

Simple, fast, and effective. Get started now.

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