Snap! Raise + Fanatics Partnership Gwen Kestrel January 12, 2021
Snap! Raise + Fanatics Partnership

Group Leader FAQ

  • How much does this cost? Nothing! This is an exclusive opportunity for being a Snap! Raise customer. There is no risk and no fee.

  • How much does my group make? Your group will collect 10% of any purchase made via your custom link.

  • Is the gear discounted? No, the prices of the items are standard retail determined by Fanatics. But you and your fans can take advantage of any promotions Fanatics may be running at the time!

  • What if the customer leaves the page? If the customer has cookies enabled, any purchase on fanatics made within 7 days of the initial visit will register to your account.

  • How does my group get paid and when? Snap Raise will cut you a check based on the details of your last campaign. You will receive these payments quarterly.

  • How do I get updated on the progress of my group’s earnings? Your MDM will reach out regularly with updates on your group’s progress! If you’re ever interested in an update, just ask!

  • What will be shown when a fan clicks on our link? Fans will be directed to the NFL Playoff shop, curated by Fanatics. But they can navigate to wherever they want on the site! Whatever they buy will earn your group money.

  • Why Fanatics? The company started in 2002, partnering with NASCAR for eCommerce. Since then, they’ve expanded their products, grown their company, and now partner with the NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, NFLPA, and more offering an astonishing array of offically licensed gear.

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