Run a Fully-Digital Fundraising Campaign with Snap! Raise Gwen Kestrel October 1, 2021
Run a Fully-Digital Fundraising Campaign with Snap! Raise

Our top priority has been and always will be the safety of program leaders and their students. In these difficult times, we’ve now taken the next step towards safety by extending our platform to be fully digital.

Unlike product fundraisers that require individuals to sell door-to-door, Snap! Raise offers a digital approach to fundraising that protects students and their community, in-person and online.


Coaches can now set-up their campaigns, onboard their teams, and invite their supporters all online with their Snap Raise rep. And the best part? Participants can still fundraise from home while still maintaining an effective campaign.

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With cancelled practices and postponed seasons, fundraising might not be a top priority for leaders, but we recognize that it’s now more important than ever. Communities are willing and ready to rally behind their kids to ensure that they’re ready to hit the ground running when seasons begin again.

Montville Cheer is one of many programs across the country currently running a fully-digital campaign. While Snap Raise campaigns typically raise far beyond their goals, Montville Cheer has experienced an overwhelming outpour of support from their community in a show of unity.

You can listen to Coach Kelsey O’Connor’s full interview and testimonial here.


During their downtime, the Howell HS Girls Soccer team has utilized their fully-digital campaign in a commendable and special way with a Food Bank drive. Coach Sean Rowser and his team hope to spread a message of hope and communal connection with their fundraiser. You can read more about how they helped provide COVID relief to their community and you can check out the Howell Girls Soccer Food Bank Drive 2020 campaign to see how they did. If you’re interested in a fully-digital campaign like Montville Cheer or Howell HS Soccer, setting up has never been easier.

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