COVID-19 Impact on 2020 Fundraising Snap! Raise Editorial October 1, 2021
COVID-19 Impact on 2020 Fundraising

We’ll cut to the chase — navigating the coronavirus pandemic has been a turbulent time for sports and school communities.

While Snap Raise can’t start seasons again, we can and will help you prepare for the future.

The financial uncertainty our group leaders face in the wake of the pandemic is just another— albeit daunting— obstacle to be overcome. While sports and group activities experience unfortunate delays, we continue to improve the Snap! Raise platform, introducing powerful, 100% remote fundraisers.

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Same Program, New Year, Better Results 

So far, 63% of Snap Raise fundraisers run since March have raised more money in 2020 than in 2019, averaging $1400 more per campaign in just 28 days.


Helena Middle School Band Snap Fundraiser


Time to Charge Forward

What are the best coaches, educators, and school administrators doing right now? Strong leaders are finding creative ways to move forward — virtual performances, live streaming of events and more — anything to continue to give their students and community an impactful experience.

Maybe there won’t be games to play or musicals to perform in this year, but that doesn’t mean the future needs to be put on hold. The best leaders and fans understand that fundraising now is the way to continue to build a lasting program.

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Columbus Football, Miami Florida


Don Bosco Football Snap! Raise Impact Report

Don Bosco Football Program


Bergen Catholic
New Jersey


Glenbard West High School

These groups (and more) raised $50,000+ in 2020.

When a group leader believes in the value of their program and encourages their
participants to feel that belief 
within themselves, they can accomplish great things,
both for their current program and also for the future.

Even in trying times, programs are setting themselves up for success with Snap Raise. 

The Directors of Homewood Band, who raised $112k with Snap Raise, said:


Preloading Emails

Introducing: Pre-loading Emails

Participants are now able to enter emails ahead of time, giving you and your group ample opportunity to gather as many emails as possible. In the days leading up to the start of your fundraiser, you can monitor the progress of the pre-loaded emails and make sure 100% of your kids have all 20 emails. Now that’s a recipe for success!

Donation Radius

Local Fundraiser, National Reach

80% of donors are outside of a school’s zip code, where the average donation comes from 276 miles away! And the exciting news is that communities want to rally behind their youth now more than ever. We’re seeing more donations per participant and more per campaign on average that last year.

Safety Participant

Better, Safer Participation

With the safety of a Snap Raise fundraiser during a pandemic, groups have increased participation by 11%. Improvements to email tools and tracking on the Snap! Raise platform have no doubt made it easier for participants and group leaders to reach out to their community.

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