What Groundwork Customers Have to Say Gwen Kestrel September 17, 2021
What Groundwork Customers Have to Say

“Groundwork is a digital banking and financial management platform.”

Groundwork has a very strong value proposition: Give youth sports teams & clubs everything they need to manage money with ease and transparency. That’s the central purpose of the company and financial platform.

How Successful Are They?

Extraordinarily! Their customers love them and all of the feedback attests to the success of these two goals: Ease and transparency.


Sandy Baker, the Club Administrator of Washington Rush, chose Groundwork because they “Initially, we needed a way to pay team fees and collect in one place versus cash and checks. We needed a more robust, one stop shop solution.” Sandy describes the organization’s onboarding process: “It has been a great experience. Wasn’t too hard to get the teams set up. Team admins just needed to fill out KYC.” (Know Your Customer Regulations)

International Academy Central Florida Liverpool FC Logo

Rob Morton, Operations Director of Liverpool FC International Academy, sought out Groundwork because he “needed a better control software to help streamline volunteer processes.” And he likes the improvements made over time: “As the software improved, the debit cards and team bank accounts were game changers.”

Matt Martin, CFO/COO of High Performance Volleyball described onboarding as a “piece of cake.”


Kitsap Alliance Logo

Shannon Bell, Executive Director of Kitsap Alliance FC, chose Groundwork because there are NO credit card fees. The website the group used in the past charged high credit card fees. Since Kitsap Alliance has 21 teams and around 300 players, managing finances had been complicated. Shannon describes onboarding with the Groundwork platform: “Super easy, came with manuals. Teams all have individual treasurers with debit cards. Groundwork did trainings for the treasurer.”

The transparency offered by the platform adds significant value. Though initially attracted to Groundwork by ease of use, Rob found that his favorite part of the product is “Accountability–a central place to go to see player and team information. Almost all teams have a team manager who manages the account directly. The ones who do not have a TM go through the club treasurer.”

Interested in Learning More?

Read our What is Groundwork? article. or check out Groundwork’s website for yourself.

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