Improving the Power of Groundwork

Groundwork is joining Snap Mobile and we couldn’t be more excited for all the improvements and growth that are coming. This means big things for the Groundwork product and for YOU!

We’re thrilled to share that Groundwork has been acquired by Snap Mobile. Groundwork and Snap Mobile are both customer-obsessed, mission-driven, and led by a visionary founders. We’re confident that our shared passion for innovation will push us to create a seamless product capable of enabling teams, clubs, and organizations to successfully fundraise, track, manage and run wildly successful and transparent programs.

What does this mean for you?

Only good things. The product and process as you know it won’t be changing. You and your teams will still have access to all Groundwork products and features, and will still be able to use it exactly as you have before. The entire Groundwork team has transitioned to become a part of Snap Raise so you will see the same familiar faces around.

What does this mean for the future of Groundwork?

Groundwork will now have the power and speed to create bigger and better tools for you. Our roadmap is still laser-focused on the things you’ve told us are most important to you: income budgeting, receipt tracking, and more user roles. And now, we’ll have more resources to launch features even faster. In the long term, we’ll be integrating fundraising and other tools that will make your life easier.

Do you get access to Snap Raise?

Yes! You will have the ability to sign up to run a Snap Raise campaign to raise even more funds for your program. There are zero upfront costs or hidden transaction fees for using Snap Raise’s technology platform. When you run a campaign with Snap Raise and meet your full team participation goal, fundraisers keep 80% of donations and no more paying 3% credit card fees on fundraiser donations. Programs across the nation raise more with Snap Raise with less effort than other online or product fundraisers.

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What is Snap Raise?

Online Fundraising

Snap Raise is completely digital fundraising, meaning you and your program are safer than ever. Even when you and your group can't meet in person, you can continue to utilize the Snap Raise platform. Never go door to door again.

Federally Compliant Security

We have implemented technical and organizational measures designed to secure the funds you raise. Ensuring that our platform is fit to process sensitive information gives us the confidence to make sure the funds you raise get to the right person. Our goal is to keep your information secure through PCI DSS and Federal regulatory compliance.

National Reach

Snap Raise campaigns raise more funds because of our powerful reach. With Snap Raise, participants can go beyond their neighbors; the average donor living 276 miles away from the program's zip code and many donors are international.

It's a perfect match

Together, Snap Raise will become the leading tool for financial management, giving you the tools you need to handle all program management tasks. Fundraise, collect fees, and track the flow of money.  

The Numbers Don’t Lie. Snap Raise helps programs raise more money with less effort


Groups & Teams

2.5+ million



Raised Nationwide

Hear from the Founders and CEOs

Working and partnering directly with you, our customers, to build Groundwork has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I know we’ve built a valuable service when we see the impact it has on people’s lives. When I sat down with Cole and we talked about how w could work together, it surprised both of us to find someone else with the same vision. It was clear that we’d have the greatest impact by being one company. I couldn’t be more excited about joining Snap Mobile. I can’t wait to build and share more great product experiences with you.

Bill Lennon
Groundwork CEO and Founder; VP of Fintech Snap Mobile

Our goal at Snap! Mobile is to create a simple, integrated, full-service solution for high school arts and athletic programs, and our acquisition of Groundwork is a major step in achieving this vision. We love the product the Groundwork team has created as it delivers financial transparency youth organization leaders. We are excited to begin the work to extend this offering to every high school team, club, and group and give them something they’ve never had before - a complete financial management solution ."

Cole Morgan
Snap Mobile CEO and Founder