Introducing Snap! Raise Insights, Financial Management for Schools Gwen Kestrel March 1, 2021
Introducing Snap! Raise Insights, Financial Management for Schools

SEATTLE, Feb. 9, 2021 — Snap! Raise, the nation’s largest digital fundraising and program management platform for high school teams, clubs and activity groups, today launched Snap! Raise Insights to schools around the country for free.

Snap! Raise Insights is the first reporting tool built to help coaches, high school athletic directors, associated Student Body (ASB) leaders and district administrators track and manage fundraising efforts at the school and school district level. By providing these groups with equal access into the flow of funds from donors to school groups, Snap! Raise is breaking down the most critical barrier when it comes to team and group fundraising: clear information on the flow of funds and donations.

“For the past six years, we’ve revolutionized how teams, groups and schools approach fundraising. Today we’re taking it a step further with the launch of Snap! Raise Insights. Our goal is to provide school leaders with visibility, planning and budgeting tools in a single digital location,” said Cole Morgan CEO of Snap! Raise. “Our mission and vision for the future is clear, to build an ecosystem of tools that enable school leaders to focus on what they do best, championing their kids.”

Group leaders, coaches, school principals and district administrators often struggle to manage communications and bookkeeping between all of their programs. Without central reporting, the lack of coordination between departments results in financial guesswork and hours of wasted time chasing donation information and receipts. Without this information, school and district administrators run the risk of financial mismanagement when they can’t account for all funds flowing to a school.

Snap! Raise Insights simplifies and streamlines the administrative tasks for group leaders, freeing them from these burdens by unifying financial and donation information for every team, school and district in one easy-to use platform.

“As a first year AD, to look back at the historical fundraising data that’s in Snap! Raise Insights and use it to have conversations with coaches to start planning for future years is pretty valuable,” said Tony Millard, Athletic Director at Oswego East High School in Illinois. “It is important for us to fundraise because we are in a financially restrictive district currently, so this tool is more valuable to me.”

In addition, leaders can now fully comprehend the flow and need for funds by viewing historic fundraising efforts. Coaches and group leaders get an automated solution that tracks every donation made to their team, while Athletic and ASB leaders can budget and implement financial strategies to efficiently communicate and execute needs across departments. When a coach or group leader leaves, new hires can see a team’s historical fundraising report year over year, leaving little room for miscommunication and confusion.

Key features of the Snap! Raise Insights dashboard include:

  • Check and payment status
  • Snap! Raise Campaign status
  • 25 different options for custom reporting
  • Instant receipt download
  • Expedited transfer of information from athletics and activities reporting to bookkeeper
  • History of campaigns across a school or school district

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