Build Your Dream Program

Time is money, and fundraising with Snap! Raise gives you more of both.

Columbus Football from Miami, FL has raised over $415,000 in four years of fundraising with Snap! Raise.

Less Cookies, More Dough

Our goal at Snap! Raise is simple: remove the obstacles that prevent great leaders from doing what they do best — leading.


The average Snap! Raise donation comes from 265+ miles away from the location of the program

Simply Powerful Fundraising

The original data-driven digital fundraiser – participants use email, social media, and text, strategically, to engage their biggest fans locally and nationally. 

Safe, Secure, Easy

Every group leader can set up their Snap! Raise quickly via a powerful and automated Smart Setup process. In a few simple steps, we help you build, customize, and launch a personalized campaign page.

How it works new

Get started fundraising in less time than it takes to teach math class.


Get full insight into your campaign while sending reminders, thank you’s and updates to participants from one location.

Track fundraiser participation and progress

Our program dashboard provides complete visibility into your fundraiser performance, including participant engagement, donor insights, and team prizes and incentive goals.

Your Personal Fundraising Experts

Ready When
You Are

We meet you where you’re at. Pre-practice or pre-season, we are ready to show up and get you started running the easiest fundraiser ever.

We're In This Together

When it’s time to launch your fundraiser, don’t worry – we are prepared to get the word out and help your team have fun while doing their part.

You Are the Champions

We work with you, but we also celebrate with you. Every team could use another champion for their accomplishments. It’s the best part of our job.

Safe and Secure Fundraising

No handling of cash, no tedious product fundraisers, no door-to-door selling.

Just the easiest, safest way to raise game-changing funds for your program.

Snap! Raise partners with Stripe (prior to 10/25/21, we had partnered with WePay), for secure payment processing.


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