My Network Gwen Kestrel June 16, 2021
My Network

Snap! Raise group leaders and coaches asked for an easier way to share the news of their fundraising campaigns with their own friends, families, and community of supporters.

My Network–Improved!

We’ve updated the “My Network” tab in the campaign dashboard.

As the fundraising campaign leader, you can dramatically increase the amount of money raised, simply by sharing the news of your fundraiser far and wide. You care about your team, band, troupe, or group and know how important their fundraising campaign is. You know what differences raising these funds make in the kids’ lives. You can help. Whether you invite fans via email, text, or share on social media, your friends and relatives care about your success. They’ve seen the passion and drive you put into your program and want to continue to help make your fundraiser as successful as possible.

We’ve made it as simple and easy as possible, providing sample text and links. Truly turning it into a 1-click share.

The kids respect you and look to you to as a champion, and you can show by your actions what’s important. By sharing your campaign with your own community, through your social media accounts and inputting your own 20 emails, you’re encouraging them to share broadly as well.

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