2019 Illinois Impact Report

Make Some Noise for Easier Fundraising
Since 2014, 1,571 programs totaling 60,155 kids in Illinois have fundraised with Snap! Raise. Those participants have benefitted from a better approach to school and sport fundraising, generating $8,490,308!
Fundraising ideas differ depending on location and group or sport type, but in a recent study of Snap! Raise customers, 75% of programs across the country agree that they “totally rely” or “rely a great deal” on fundraising.
We’ve reviewed Snap! Raise fundraising data and gathered insights from real fundraisers to share the story of fundraising in Illinois in 2019.
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$2,264,807 total dollars

Total Dollars Raised in 2019

Snap! Raise fundraisers have raised $2,264,807 for groups, clubs, and teams across Illinois.

14,730 total participants

Total Fundraising Participants in 2019

Over 14,730 kids in Illinois have benefitted from Snap! Raise's digital fundraising process.

43,635 total donations

Total Donations in 2019

With a donation count of 43,635 in Illinois, fans of programs have shown they are willing to donate to support.

8.1% fundraising in middle school

Fundraising in Middle School

As the amount of Middle School fundraisers with Snap! Raise grow, that means more kids get to play.
41.3% female representation

Female Representation

Women in sports are essential and of the 14,730 kids who have benefitted from fundraising with Snap! Raise, 41.3% of groups are girls programs.
11% non-sport campaign

Non-sport Campaigns

Band Fundraisers, ROTC Fundraisers, Robotics Fundraisers — programs of all types choose Snap! Raise to help them grow.
$75,235 highest amount raised

Highest Amount Raised

That’s enough to purchase more than 622 baseball bats, tennis rackets and uniforms! Of the best fundraising ideas, a Snap! Raise fundraiser delivers results while minimizing the time invested by the program.
$4,517 average fundraised

Average Funds Raised

On average, a Snap! Raise fundraiser in Illinois raised $5,605 in 2019 — big impact for any program type.
879 total groups

Total Groups Served

404 groups, clubs, and sports team fundraisers met their financial needs and supported their participants with Snap! Raise.


Beyond the numbers, the stories behind Snap! Raise fundraisers are powerful examples of driving impact and creating positive change in communities.
Groups, clubs and teams in Illinois who have run successful fundraisers with Snap! Raise cover a wide range. The power of the Snap! Raise platform has become the easy and safe fundraiser of choice.
Here are two campaigns that speak to the variety of fundraisers in Illinois and highlight that it doesn’t matter what type of group you are or where you are located, Snap! Raise will help you reach your fundraising goals.
Illinois with gold star on Chicago

Oak Park, Illinois

"This is my favorite program I've ever run" - Illinois Snap! Raise Rep Brian

Oak Park – River Forest High School’s 2019 campaign helped raise money for their local Best Buddies chapter. Donations to their fundraiser helped create a great environment for their participants to have friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Using Snap! Raise, they were able to cover the cost for all of their events, like attending a Cubs game, going to Prom, hosting potlucks, and their award ceremony. Snap! Raise helped Oak Park to give experiences to their students that they ordinarily wouldn’t have been able to receive otherwise!

Chicago, Illinois

Plane trip from Illinois to Florida for the entire team!

Jones Baseball raised almost $22,000 during their first Snap! Raise fundraiser! With the goal funds and the extra cash raised, this team was able to cover all the players trip to Florida and enhance their experience by purchasing additional team gear and a team bonding events while there. Through fundraising, the coaches of this team were able to create meaningful and lasting memories for their players.
Illinois with gold star on Chicago

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