Snap! Advance is Joining Graduway Gwen Kestrel May 29, 2020
Snap! Advance is Joining Graduway
I often get asked about the secret of our success at Snap! Raise, and the answer is actually pretty simple.

We care about youth coaches. We care about educators. We believe, at our core, that every kid needs a champion and that these leaders and mentors have the special power to change a kid’s life for the better—just like they did for me.

The reality, though, is that more often than not these champions are underfunded and overworked. In order for them to be the best champions they can be, they need support. We started Snap! Raise six years ago to make their lives easier because, simply put, everyone benefits when the leaders of today can focus fully on developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Today, we are lucky to be the fundraiser of choice for more than 50,000 coaches and educators, athletic directors, and district officials through the country.

Our journey to champion more champions led us to create Snap! Advance, a digital giving day platform capable of helping university advancement teams and major non-profits organize organization-wide fundraising efforts.

Snap! Advance has been wildly successful in its own right, and I’m so proud of what this dedicated team has built. In 2019 alone, Snap! Advance worked with world-class universities including the University of MichiganColumbia University, Baylor University, and University of Florida, helping them shatter their fundraising expectations.

In fact, Snap! Advance clients have raised more than $38M through the platform and set single-day giving records in the process.

Snap! Advance has been so successful that today we’re thrilled to announce that the team and technology behind Snap! Advance have been purchased by Graduway, a global leader in alumni management software.

I’m thrilled for the Snap! Advance team as this acquisition will enable them to reach a global university audience almost immediately. I expect great things to come now that Snap! Advance is part of Graduway.

More Focus, More Support

With Graduway, Snap! Advance will have the opportunity to grow on its own terms, focusing on serving university advancement departments throughout the entire world. Meanwhile, Graduway will get a proven online fundraising resource on board to serve its global customer network.

It’s been an honor getting to grow this company with my colleagues and close friends on the Snap! Advance team. We’re inspired by the incredible work they’ve done for hundreds of universities and organizations, and we’re excited for the opportunity this amazing team has to focus fully on serving the university and non-profit space.

So, what does that mean for Snap! Raise? 

It means we are doubling down on our mission to serve the K-12 space, particularly in high schools. It means we will continue to focus on championing champion leaders.

Every kid deserves to learn, lead, play, create, and achieve more. Every kid needs a champion.

We believe that’s a future worth investing in, and we can’t wait to support even more champions in 2020.

Cole Morgan

Snap! Raise CEO and Co-founder

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