Snap! Raise Incentives / Prizes Gwen Kestrel January 27, 2022
Snap! Raise Incentives / Prizes

I think in order to accomplish anything in life, you have to visualize yourself there – accepting the award, hearing your song on the radio, whatever it is – or you lose the willpower and the drive.

Daya (American singer/songwriter)

The typical high school athlete, band member, or chess club participant loves their chosen physical, artistic, or mental hobby. One thing that few high school students enjoy is the fundraising necessary for a club or team to succeed. It takes time away from their passion.

Rarely, a very extroverted kid with a knack for promotion and sales might like the experience.

Fundraising on its own provides some people with the intrinsic, internally-satisfied feeling of knowing they’re doing a good thing for a good cause.

The reward for a thing well done is having done it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A beautiful sentiment, but not everyone is motivated in this manner.

At Snap! Raise, we’ve learned that incentives and prizes provide motivation for the rest of us. The incentives have to be something of value to the person, and the goal to get them needs to be achievable, otherwise it simply doesn’t work. Lastly, goals need to be tracked and awards given fairly.

We understand this and how to encourage kids to participate in the fundraising efforts. Starting with asking them to send emails to friends and family, we qualify them for incentives they’ll value: hoodies, t-shirts, or other popular clothing. They have a club/team-themed logo such as football, a music note, or a chess piece embroidered on it to subtly show off how they earned it. These items are of high-quality such as Nike, Under Armour, or Port Authority, so they’ll last.

Rewarding effort and results consistently and fairly is a major part of a good incentive program. The second component to a good incentive program is adding a little competition. With every fundraising campaign there’s a top performer, who raises the most money. If they hit the target contribution, they get a choice of a premium, fun, trendy prize. Currently (08/2021), it’s Beats by Dr. Dre Flex Wireless Headphones or a Nike Brasilia Backpack.

With a Snap! Raise fundraiser, the kids choose their personal incentives—putting them in control. Snap! Raise takes care of all the details of monitoring and mailing the prizes—taking care of these chores so the coach or group leader doesn’t have to. All they need to do is encourage the kids to select their prizes and participate!

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