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Connecting Families and Schools in 2022

Children with hand paint reaching towards camera

Sustaining Powerful Family Engagement

Kids from waist down wearing bluejeans sitting on a concrete wall sharing a book

Hosting Summer School With Snap! Connect

football, one of many activities supported by Snap! with SchoolCNXT

8to18 and SchoolCNXT now part of Snap! Mobile

adult volunteer helping a young student

Proven Practices for Engaging Classroom Volunteers

A cell phone with a video and transcription in a language other than English to show transcription to someone speaking another language.

School Communication Accommodations for Parents

Your School's Communication Report Card

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Stay Engaged During School Breaks

Group with computers at a table, and outstreatched hands joining together in the center. Groupwork.

How To Use Snap! Connect to Facilitate and Grade Group Work

Teacher in a classroom

Improve School Communications - Lighten Your Staff’s Load

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Too Many School Communication Sources

Illustration of various means to communicate as a strategy to reach a group or get a message out

Why Invest in your School Communication Strategy

Smiling and happy school staff meeting in a conferenct room

How to Include all Staff in School Communication

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SMS Texting versus Engagement Apps in School Communications

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