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Snap Raise is built for coaches and youth leaders dedicated to making a difference in their communities. Start your most impactful soccer fundraiser today!

Since 2014, Snap Raise has been the fundraiser of choice for over 48,000 groups across America.

Teams, groups, & their dedicated supporters have raised over $430M nationwide.

  • Even with closure, cancellation, and postponement during COVID-19, 63% of our fundraisers have raised more in 2020 than in 2019

  • Quickly and easily get your group up and fundraising without being in-person with the help of a campaign director

  • Teams and groups across the country have discovered Snap Raise as the fundraiser they need to cover lost funding from ticket sales, in-person events, and other past fundraising practices

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A champion is a coach, a teacher, a parent, a booster, a donor, a mentor—anyone who promotes a better future by encouraging and supporting kids. 

Champions enable our kids to have bigger, better, and brighter experiences that enrich their lives and ultimately, the lives of others. 

It’s our mission to ensure that these champions have the support to continue what they do best. 

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