Engage students & connect with your community.

Bring your community together and boost fan engagement with a custom-branded app for your school. Centralized communication with FanX allows you to save time, plus boost fundraising efforts and sponsorship revenue, while effectively sharing all the information your students, staff, parents, and fans need to know.
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The Power of FanX

Engage Students & Fans

Send targeted push notifications, publish schedules, post rosters, and update scores–FanX even features in-app streaming solutions.

Drive Revenue

Manage digital ticketing, promote your fundraising campaigns, display ads from your sponsors, and even sell your merchandise.

Promote Activities

With an engaged fanbase, you can share all the details of upcoming events and direct your audience to purchase tickets.

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Push Notifications

Reach your students and community with personalized notifications–just for them. Targeted push notifications allow you to engage your fans and drive excitement for your program.


  • On-demand, scheduled & automated alerts
  • Audience segmentation
  • Targeted geofencing
  • Rich media & emoji support
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Rewards make it simple to drive engagement, creating opportunities for your fanbase to feel included in, and loyal to, your program. Fans check in to events with their location, earning points that they can later use to redeem prizes, coupons, experiences, and more! Plus, your rewards program is fully customizable based on your program.

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Save time and leverage the revenue that’s in the palm of your hand. Sponsors are always on the lookout for new ways to reach an audience. Interactive games like trivia create fun and excitement while keeping your supporters engaged longer and more frequently, helping exceed sponsors’ goals.
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