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From Now On Press Release

A happy group of donors gather around a computer. One wears a polo team shirt in green and blue.

Promoting Your Fundraiser

A happy fundraiser turns from her computer to give a thumbs up

Fundraising Do’s and Don’ts

hands organizing sticky notes

Is it time to switch fundraising platforms?


Snap! Raise and Vanta Partnership Press Release

Youth Football team

5 Fundraising Ideas for Youth Football Teams

Thank you very much note

Effective Donor Templates

Woman wearing goggles to explore new options in the digital metaverse

Digital Fundraising: Which should you choose?

Globe with icons of people being connected from around the world

Connecting Families and Schools in 2022

Girls' team with nice uniforms benefiting from middle school fundraising

Is Snap! Raise Worth It?

Nova High School Baseball team in Florida

Nova HS Baseball Built its Own Field of Dreams

Cookie dough with a jar of money in front with the label to support our fundraiser

Why Parents Are Fed Up With Product Fundraisers

Happy children exiting school for extra curricular activities

Why Youth Extracurricular Activities Matter

Five light bulbs swinging from their cords on a blue background for five bright ideas

5 Successful Fundraising Ideas

Headshot of Stuart Silberg

Meet Stuart Silberg, Chief Technology Officer

Dance team performing in costume of white skirts and green tops.

8 Dance Team Costs and the Fundraiser that Covers Them All....

youth doing a car wash fundraiser with an overlay of a stop sign and the words stop searching for fundraising ideas

Stop Searching for Fundraising Ideas

two hands connecting index fingers. one human and one outlined with lines and light for technology

Snap! Raise #182 on 2019 Deloitte's Tech Fast 500

Howell High School Girls Soccer team

Howell High School Girls Soccer Kicks Off Coronavirus Relief Fundraiser

Indian mother standing with a microphone at at a parent teacher meeting

Collaborative Teacher Communication

Man with money, pen, calculator and notepad

Say Hello To Snap! Spend

Illustration of comupter desdk with light and lines depicting strategy

A Smart Start to Your Successful Snap! Raise Fundraiser

Row of saxiphones in marching band line-up

The 6 Best Band Fundraising Ideas

Padlock with Know Your Customer Regulations for leaders, participants and donors

Know Your Customer (KYC) Regulations

Chocolate chip cookie dough in a cup

3 School Fundraising Ideas Debunked

graphic image illustrating technology connection

Snap! Mobile #46 in Deloitte 2018 Tech Fast 500

Children with hand paint reaching towards camera

Sustaining Powerful Family Engagement

Kids from waist down wearing bluejeans sitting on a concrete wall sharing a book

Hosting Summer School With Snap! Connect

football team in black uniforms

Snap! Raise: THE Fundraising Idea for Football Teams

Sumner High School Boys soccer team

Sumner High School Boys Soccer doubles down

colorful blocks fitting together to illustrate a QR Code

What's a QR Code?

Photo of Snap! team member Daniell Grantham with a coach.

Meet the Team: Danielle Grantham

Sports gear and balls with recycle logo and Snap Mobile and Sideline Swap logos

Environmental Impact of Sports Equipment

Arrowhead Earth Club planting trees for earth day

Arrowhead High School Earth Club Plants 400 Trees

Community food bank personnel delivering bags of food to families

Connecting Families to Community Resources

Success Stories in 3D blocks on shelves with the Snap! Mobile logo in the corner

Customers Share the Value of Snap! Raise

Group of volunteer parents posing under an event tent

Choose the Best Fundraiser for You and Your Group

Mike Cartwright headshot

Meet Mike Cartwright, Vice President, E-Commerce

man wearing t-shirt with school mascot on front and words that say 100% recycled fabric and never re-dyed

Snap! Store Adds Eco-friendly Spirit Wear

Competitive cheerleading team performing

The Cost of Competitive Cheerleading

Marching band member holding french horn

Band Fundraising Ideas

man holding a transparent computer screen with graphs and the words Fund Raising

7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Virtual Fundraiser

a You Rock Mom Trophy

Moms are the True Champions of Youth Activities


6 Timeless Graduation Speeches

USA Weidghtlifting Competition

USA Weightlifting Raises Over $70,000 in 30 Days

Football field with Snap! Raise and Glazier Drive Logos to depict their partnership

Snap! Raise and Glazier Clinics Team Up

Logo for Snap! Mobile + NFHS to illustrate their coporate sponsirship

Snap! Mobile Inc. Becomes NFHS Partner

Cole Morgan, co-founder and CEO of Snap! Raise and Snap! Mobile

Cole Morgan, Snap! Raise Co-Founder and CEO

Volunteers supporting clubs cheering as they stand behind boxes which are labeled donations

The Role of Booster Clubs

Two individuals in front of laptop looking at Snap! Raise Fundraiser dashboard

Snap! Raise Fundraiser: Program Dashboard

Books on a desk with the words ethics and core values and eyeglasses and a folder on top.

Snap! Raise Core Values

Graphic depicting KYC regulations with leaders, participants, donors

Know Your Customer (KYC) Regulations

silohuette of customers standing on a block which says what our customers say

Here's What Groundwork (now Snap! Spend) Customers Say

Illustration of computer screen with Snap! logo and Groundwork logo to depict the acquisition of groundwork by Snap! Mobile

Snap! Mobile Acquires Fintech Pioneer, Groundwork

image depicting online tech managing banking and finances

What Is Snap! Spend?

school band members in full uniform holding their clarinets on their left shoulder

School Band Fundraisers: 4 Steps to Success

No Refund

Most youth sports teams have a no-refund policy

text on an photo of blue colored paper being torn back to reveal the words why choose us?

When is Snap! Spend Better Than PayPal?

A calculator, money, and a paper for tracking

Tips for Managing Money on a Travel Sports Team

Papers and computer keypad depicting graphs and pie charts for budgeting

When Budgeting for a School Travel Team

Hands with calculator, pen and paper

The True Cost of Collecting Checks in Youth Sports

hand holding a fan of 100 dollar bills

The Best Way to Organize Your Youth Sports Team Fee Collections

Youth sports team in a huddle

Organize Your Team Fee Collections

Gold dollar sign on top of a red rock cliff, with a clear blue sky above, depicting transparency and accountability

Increasing Financial Transparency in Youth Sports

Digital image of a credit card to depict digital banking

How to Set Up A Bank Account For A Booster Club

Silhouette of a person swinging a bat with a background of blue skiy and white couds

Knock It Out of The Park with Snap! Spend

Photograph of calculator and a hand on a page with bookkeeping notes and graphs

How To Be A Youth Sports Team Treasurer

Parents in a meeting discussing how to solve a problem

How a Group of Youth Sports Teams Solved the Problem of Collecting Team Payments

Computer screens with largest one having Snap! Logo and Groundwork logo to depict Snap! Mobile's acquisition of Groundwork

Groundwork is joining Snap! Mobile, Inc.

Woman sitting with a bank associate to open a bank account

Bank Accounts for Youth Sports Teams

Little boy wearing big eye glasses counting cash and using a calculator

When Volunteers Help Manage Team Money

piggy bank pig with blocks falling in a domino style way toward the pig

Best Practices for Managing Team Bank Accounts

Women's travel team in a huddle giving high fives

Why Elite Travel Sports Teams Automate Payments

custom spirit wear made by Snap! Store

Fundraisers get a Customized Snap! Store for Spirit Wear


Teacher Appreciation Week 2021

Podcast microphone with a blurred background with blue lighting

Announcing Season Four of The Snap! Raise Podcast

football, one of many activities supported by Snap! with SchoolCNXT

8to18 and SchoolCNXT now part of Snap! Mobile

Image of mother reading message from teacher via cell phone to her child

Snap! Mobile, Inc. Acquires 8to18 and SchoolCNXT

Photo of Dad's taped to lockers to honor Father's Day

Celebrating Father's Day at Snap! Raise

Casa Roble High School football team that decided to translate empathy to impact.

Players for Paradise: Teaming Up to Support Wildfire Victims

Hebron High Volleyball player launching the ball

Hebron High School Volleyball

Yellow caution tape with words five things to avoid for your next fundraiser

5 Things to Avoid for Your Next School Fundraiser

A girl holding a cell phone so to read a message or text

Effective School Communication with Parents

Elementary age girl doing homework from home in front of a computer.

How School Engagement Has Changed for Parents

School staff member helping a student

Snap! Connect, The Solution For Your District

Cheerleading team in red and black

7 Easy Cheer Fundraising Ideas

Woman in cap and gown blowing confetti

Get Positive News Out To Families!

Stick with the same program and raise more year over year with legacy giving

Raise More Year Over Year with Legacy Giving

Man reading a message on his cell phone

Effective Communication For Title I Family Engagement

Snap! Insights logo under a magnifing glass on a blue background

Online Fundraising Just Got Better

Dan Pallotta giving talk on fundraiser small pie mentality

Dan Pallotta: Fundraising and the 'Small Pie Mentality'

Cole Morgan, CEO and co-founder of Snap! Raise and Snap! Mobile

Authority Magazine Feature: Cole Morgan

Fundraising Elements of Online fundraising, in-kind donations, special events, product fundraising, financial endowments, and grants

When Planning Your Fundraising Event

Girls' team with nice uniforms benefiting from middle school fundraising

Middle School Fundraising Ideas

Snap! Raise Office Dogs

2018 in Review: A Snap! Raise Office Dog’s Perspective

Teachers and Parents communicating at a meeting

The Power of Two-Way Communication

Man drinking coffee and reading school communication on his phone

Establishing Parent Communication Procedures

Parent and teacher speaking

Break the Cycle of Negative Communication

Woman wearing a cap and a medical mask communicating via text or communication app on her phone.

SMS Texting versus Engagement Apps in School Communications

Teacher surrounded by students laughing and sharing positive communication.

Benefits of Direct Student Communication

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