Get the funds you need before your program starts.

Often, your program needs funds before the school year begins to make off-season purchases and get ahead of supply-chain delays. We understand this, so we created our Early Access feature, designed to support you when you need it the most. 

A school band

What is Early Access?

Early Access is our new solution designed to support your program with funds when you need them most, you no longer need to wait until your program starts to get access to the resources you need to set your program up for success. 

Receive a portion of your Projected Total Raise for this year to make purchases in the off-season so your team can hit the ground running when the season starts.

How does Early Access work?

If you’re running a fundraiser with Snap! Raise in the next six months, you’ll get the option of receiving a portion of your Projected Total Raise on a pre-loaded Snap! Spend card to make purchases before the year begins. 

This amount is determined by historical fundraising data in your state combined with the number of participants in your program to ensure you’re getting all the support you need. 

Here’s how 3 programs are already tapping into Early Access:

Three cheerleaders

Lincoln Park Dance in Chicago, Illinois, used their Early Access to pay for their team trip to summer camps.

football game with teams crouched at the line ready for the play

Garfield Football in Garfield, New Jersey, used their Early Access to offer financial assistance and lower barriers to participate in summer training.

soccer game being played with a stadim and school in the background

Mt. Carmel Football in San Diego, California, used their Early Access to get ahead of equipment purchases for their season.