Raise BTS Waqas October 10, 2022

Let Snap! Mobile support your program this year.

We’re here to support you, whether you’ve been preparing or you’re just getting started.

Key features:

The Snap! Raise platform is free to use. Only pay when you run a campaign on Raise and meet or exceed your participation goal.

Snap! Raise was built to process sensitive information, and keeps your data secure through PCI DSS and Federal regulatory compliance
Each fundraiser gets a dedicated, customizable webpage to engage donors.
Reach out to potential donors and follow up with past ones using our personalized email and messaging tools.
See everyone who donated to your campaign, how much they gave and when, where they’re from, and so much more.
Get access to all your financial data — like donations and expenditures — right when you need it.
Our support team is always standing by to help with your needs, 24/7, 365.

Raise more money with less effort.

Group leaders use our platform to fundraise, track, manage, and report on their program funds, enabling them to build thriving programs for themselves and their participants.


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