All About The Snap! Mobile App

All About the Snap! Mobile App

Welcome to a more modern, secure, and impactful fundraising experience. We are thrilled to introduce you to the Snap! Mobile app – stay connected to Snap! Raise fundraisers on the go.

The Snap! Mobile app seamlessly connects to a program’s Snap! Raise fundraising campaign, Snap! Store, and engages your fans and community with news, schedules, and more.

For coaches and group leaders, the app simplifies the fundraising journey and creates new opportunities for engagement with participants. Check out these exciting new features in the Snap! Mobile app: 

  • Fundraising: Accessing your Snap! Raise fundraiser has never been easier for participants and leaders. Invite donors via email and text and view donations directly in the app.  
  • Fan Store: Shop your program’s Snap! Store in-app and find the best custom gear to rep your program year-round. Plus, the app serves as a new way to connect your fanbase with your Snap! Store. More shoppers mean more points earned for your program! 
  • News, Schedule, and More: Keep everyone in the loop. You can highlight X (previously Twitter) updates and news pulled straight from your website and share a complete schedule of your program and community events for participants to view. 

Snap! Mobile Home, Raise, Fan Store, and Schedule screens

With convenient access to their Snap! Raise fundraiser through their mobile device, participants can easily reach out to supporters and watch as the donations roll in. The app will keep them connected starting with onboarding all the way through hitting their fundraising goals, and beyond!  

Want to get started? Your program’s fundraiser becomes available in the Snap! Mobile app 45 days before your fundraiser is set to launch. Once your program is within the timeframe, participant join codes and group leader join codes can be used to access your campaign in the app. Click here to check out frequently asked questions.

This latest innovation from Snap! Mobile is designed to make fundraising even better and more secure for group leaders and participants. If your fundraiser is launching in the next 45 days, you can get started in the Snap! Mobile app now! Download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.  

Snap! Raise has helped over 125,000 programs raise more than $800,000,000. To learn more about how your program would benefit from a Snap! Raise fundraiser and how the Snap! Mobile app works, click here to connect with us!