3 Tips to Simplify Activities and Sports Registration

Athletic Director holds iPad for sports registration

Are you tired of wrestling with the complexities of activities and sports registration every season? Eliminate headache-inducing paperwork and streamline your processes with Snap! Manage. Designed to consolidate all your registration information and payment collection into one user-friendly tool, Snap! Manage is the ultimate tool for hassle-free registration. Here are three tips to simplify the process and make your life easier:

1. Centralize your sports registration information

No more scattered spreadsheets or lost forms. Snap! Manage brings all your activity and sports registration details together in one convenient location. From templates and medical forms to schedules and shirt sizes, everything you need is easily accessible. By centralizing your information, you’ll save time and reduce the risk of errors or oversights.

Sports registration forms in Snap Manage

2. Simplify fee collection

Collecting fees online has never been easier. With Snap! Manage, you can streamline the payment process, ensuring quicker refunds if needed and minimizing administrative headaches. Say goodbye to chasing down payments or handling cash, checks, and numerous payment apps—let Snap! Manage handle it all, securely and efficiently.

Sports registration participant information in Snap! Manage

3. Take advantage of expert support

From setup assistance to troubleshooting, we’re committed to lightening your administrative load and ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your participants. We answer phone calls and emails quickly, ensuring your concerns are addressed promptly.

Snap! Manage offers additional features to further enhance your activities and sports registration process:

Convenient communication
Easily communicate important information to guardians and students using targeted mass email and text messages sent directly from the Snap! Manage system. Keep everyone informed and eliminate the need for manual communication.

Turnkey rostering
Simplify the start-of-season administrative tasks by adding coaches and group leaders as users on your Snap! Manage account, which allows them to access tryout lists, create rosters, and print emergency contact reports.

Customizable terms and conditions
Stay ahead of the game by updating your refund policies and obtaining any required legal approvals. Clarifying terms and conditions upfront can prevent misunderstandings and ensure a smooth registration process.

Form and document storage
Create and store all the forms and schedules your event needs, keeping them as templates for future use. Say goodbye to digging through old files—everything you need is just a click away.

With Snap! Manage, you have a powerful tool to simplify your school’s activities and sports registration process and create a hassle-free experience for everyone involved. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Snap! Manage. Schedule a demo to learn more.