Unlock Fundraising Financial Efficiency with Vault

Entered once saved everywhere. Streamlined financial info across all fundraisers in your organization

Say hello to streamlined financial info across all fundraisers in your organization. Snap! Insights has a new feature, Vault, that will transform the way you manage your financial profiles across all Snap! Mobile products. No longer will you need to fill out individual Know Your Customer (KYC) forms for each fundraiser. With Vault, it’s as simple as setting it once and letting us take care of the rest!

Screenshot of Vault for Insights

Once the organization administrator is approved, group leaders and coaches can easily start fundraising campaigns without the hassle of lengthy KYC approval processes for each fundraiser.

If you’re already an administrative user of Insights, getting started with Vault is a breeze. Simply log in, submit your organization’s details, and once your KYC is approved, your team is set to fundraise.

If you’re not familiar with Snap! Insights, let’s take a look at the other features that make this no-cost solution a must-have for your athletic and activities programs:

1. Planning made easy

Backed by historical fundraising data from all your programs, Insights empowers you to forecast fundraising and make informed budgetary decision.

Insights user interface

2. Complete oversight and control

Say goodbye to the headaches of scattered data and fragmented processes. Pre-approve and prompt your programs’ next fundraiser, monitor progress, and track daily deposits all from a centralized dashboard.

Insights deposit info

3. Safe kids and secure funds

We adhere to stringent standards that safeguard your data and privacy. We commit to never sharing or selling program, participant, or donor data.

Ready to see how Snap! Insights can help streamline your fundraising? Get started here.