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Effective Donor Templates

Effective Donor Templates

How to Create an Effective Donation Letter

Asking for donations can be a tough task for many, but it can actually be a simple process. It may take some practice, but with these tips on requesting donations, you’ll be on your way to raising more in no time.


Three Key Elements

At its core, an effective donation letter should always include:

A summary of the issue/an emotional appeal that conveys urgency and makes readers want to contribute.

Creating Your Letter

While there are consistent points you need to hit when requesting donations, you can add your own personal twist to your letters. A more personal touch can create a deeper connection with readers, and make your letter stand out.

Template for New Donors


Dear [Donor Name],

My name is [your name], the [job title] at [organization name]. Our goal is to [insert mission statement]. As we get ready for the upcoming year, we could really use your help [donor name].

We want to [insert a specific goal/need for the year]. The only way we can make this happen is with your support.

By donating, you’re helping us [specific action like paying fees, buying equipment, etc.]. If you’d like to help out, you can donate here [if an email, link to donation page]/[if a physical letter, provide instructions for finding your donation page or for sending a check].

Your support would be greatly appreciated. We’re excited to have you along for our journey into the new year.

Thank you for your help.

[Your name], [organization name]

Template for Returning Donors


Dear [Donor Name],

Previously, your donation helped us [insert previous goal/need accomplished], and we’re incredibly grateful for that. This time around, we want to [insert a specific goal/need for the year] by [specific action like paying fees, buying equipment, etc.].

[Donor name], you know we believe in [insert mission statement], and we would really appreciate it if you helped us make that happen.

Thanks again for your support.

[Your name], [organization name]

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