3 Things Your Sponsors Will Love About FanX

image of an empty soccer stadium with a lone ball in the middle

From activating branded offers to gaining invaluable insights through measurable data analytics, FanX offers a comprehensive platform for sponsors to elevate their presence and impact. Discover why college, high school, and youth sports sponsors love being part of “The Official _____” mobile app and how it can amplify their message within your community. It’s more than just sponsorship—it’s a partnership built for success.

Let’s dive in to the three key pillars of college, high school, and youth sports sponsorship success: placements, measurable data, and brand alignment.

1. Inventory tailored to your sponsor’s goal

One great thing about FanX is the wide variety of sponsored inventory that is available for sponsors. Not only are there a multitude of placement spots, but there are also many types of placements, making it possible to tailor a high school, college, or youth sports sponsorship package that aligns well with your sponsor’s goals. For simplicity, we can look at these different sponsor goals in three categories:

FanX youth sports sponsorship placements chart

Sponsorship Activation

Push a branded coupon, offer, or deal through the app with a notification and/or “gameday offer.”

   youth sports sponsorship pillars   


Signage & Name Recognition

Place sponsored ads throughout the app’s navigation. These could be just a sponsor’s logo or an ad meant to drive traffic to a specific URL.



Sponsored Content

Associate your college, high school, and youth sports sponsorships with high-value features. You can add sponsors to score alerts, the in-app audio player, or even special events (like National Signing Day).

        screenshot of sponsored content for national signing day


2. Measurable Data

Another thing your sponsors will love about the FanX platform is the in-depth analytics. Not only can analytics be a part of your pitch to sponsors, but also part of confirming the sponsor’s success. We break our sponsor analytics into the three categories below and can provide this data for sponsors by request.

Audience Demographics – Who are your fans?
    • Audience size
    • Location
    • Affiliation
Usage Trends – When and how often are they using the app?
    • Active users
    • Sessions
    • Average time spent
Sponsorship Performance – How did my activation perform?
    • Impressions
    • Clicks
    • Notification deliveries


3. Aligning with your brand

Finally, perhaps the aspect of FanX that sponsors will love the most is being aligned with YOUR brand.  Our team constantly hears that being a part of “The Official _____” mobile app is immensely valuable for college, high school, and youth sports sponsors who know how impactful your athletics program is to their communities. It’s a win-win; sponsors can financially support something important to the community while also ensuring their message reaches the same audience.

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