5 Ways FanX Helps High Schools Win

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Here at Snap! Mobile, we LOVE loyal fans! Our FanX™️ mobile platform was designed to easily and effectively deliver gameday information to fans, and our support team is dedicated to maximizing the value those fans get from their gameday app. This article was originally published by FNO.

High schools provide unique experiences and engagement opportunities in their communities. Their impact is resolute. The National Federation of State High School Association echoes that “It is in these vital programs – sports, music, speech, theatre, debate – where young people learn lifelong lessons that complement the academic lessons taught in the classroom.” With FanX, high schools can shine a light on these vital programs and engage students, parents, fans, and more with information, exciting content, sponsor opportunities, and gamifying experiences. So, to name just a few, here are five examples of how FanX can help high schools win!

Gameday in Your Pocket

FanX provides high schools with a one-stop-shop opportunity to connect with their communities. If the pandemic era has taught us anything, it’s that our communities need easy, accessible ways to engage with information and content in a timely and reliable way. FanX provides that solution. Everything from event schedules to how to stream and connect with your school is in one place, a tap away.

Furthermore, FanX isn’t just a solution for high school athletic events. FanX uniquely provides the opportunity to represent athletics AND any other campus activities or groups all in one spot. Represent everything from Varsity Football and JV Girls Soccer, the Debate Team’s events, and the Orchestra’s spring concert! Users are asked what activities and sports they want to follow upon downloading the app which then customizes each user’s experience based on what they’ve chosen.


“FanX uniquely provides the opportunity to represent athletics AND any other campus activities or groups all in one spot.”


The FanX Platform provides high schools with a destination for onsite or remote engagement, access to audio and video streams, the ability to highlight concessions, merchandise, ticketing, and more! This is just the tip of the iceberg of what FanX can offer high schools looking to create a one-stop-shop for their community.

Notify Your Community

Communication is key! With FanX, high schools are able to send notifications with targeted information to key community groups. Need to send out a reminder to basketball parents that the basketball team store orders are due this Friday? No problem. Schedule out notifications in advance for a stress-free week where you can focus on the rest of your action items with the confidence your notifications are all scheduled and ready to go. On the other hand, we’re at a baseball game and lightning just struck, now we’re on delay and need a way to communicate to all our baseball fans at the game what the status is. FanX to the rescue again! Send an on-demand geofenced notification to the ballpark and all followers of baseball!

From scheduled to on-demand, FanX provides you with a customized platform to target segments of your community.  Audience isn’t the only customized opportunity. Notifications can direct users to anything from games and events to a donate now opportunity from your latest booster club fundraiser. The sky’s the limit!

Drive Revenue

Global ad spending continues to trend towards mobile. A recent Statistica Research report found that in 2022, mobile advertising spending in the U.S. amounted to 170.11 billion U.S. dollars and it is expected to surpass $235.67 billion by 2025. The FanX platform houses a variety of unique sponsor opportunities.

High Schools are able to activate sponsors with unique data-driven placements throughout the app. FanX sponsor inventory includes static ad opportunities, tappable placements to drive user traffic to sponsor sites, brand awareness for sponsors with digital signage, and more.

The FanX Promotions feature paired with our robust notification platform allows high schools to create a call to action for users. For example, engage users with a gameday-sponsored promotion! Friday arrives for the homecoming Varsity Football game presented by the local pizza joint. Drive user engagement with your sponsor by publishing a Promotion on gameday with a promo code to get a free appetizer with any large pizza purchase! Pair this with a notification set to go out on game day. It doesn’t stop there. Our team collects insightful data that high schools can then share with sponsors to measure the effectiveness and engagement experienced with their sponsored placements.

But wait, there’s more! High schools can always make a home for their fundraisers and booster clubs right in the app. Highlight fundraising events and/or create a standing promotion to allow users to donate anytime to your athletic or other school activity communities. FanX provides the opportunity to do as little or as much as high schools want with data-driven sponsor placements and opportunities.

Rewards, Trivia, and More!

Information at your fingertips is incredibly important BUT FanX also provides engaging interactive experiences for users. Level up with our FanX Rewards add-on and gamify high school gameday and events. FanX Rewards activates users to attend games and events by giving users check-in opportunities at games and events where they can earn points to redeem for exclusive prizes!

In addition to FanX Rewards, FanX Trivia is an interactive opportunity for users to connect with high school’s brands and communities even more. Geofence Trivia to campus and provide enter-to-win opportunities for students to participate! Not to mention, both FanX Rewards and FanX Trivia provide unique sponsor opportunities! Tie a sponsor to a trivia game or create a monthly check-in at a sponsor’s location to be entered to win a gift card. FanX Rewards and FanX Trivia allow high schools to go above and beyond to create engaging interactions with their user base.

“FanX Rewards and FanX Trivia provide high schools the opportunity to go above and beyond to create engaging interactions with their user base.”


Best-Practice Coaching

I know what you’re thinking, there’s so much high schools can do it’s almost overwhelming! Here’s our message to you: We’ve got your back. Every client who signs up for the FanX platform is provided with the support needed to succeed. Our team is made up of FanX mobile app experts, and we’re dedicated to getting it right for you! We’re here to brainstorm, learn, and help high schools accomplish their goals and deliver a best-in-class experience for their communities.

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