Snap! Raise connect Waqas April 14, 2022

Escape the reply-all madness with a new way to communicate with your program.

Snap! Raise Introduces:

Snap! Raise Connect

Communication is key to any strong relationship, especially during these uncertain times. We’re helping you cut through the clutter with our new Virtual Bulletin Board. The Bulletin Board puts your emails, group text, messaging apps and social media in one place.
One-way communication removes the public chatter from your messages. You can share information, updates, and announcements with clarity.

One-Way Communication

Keeping your program aligned is critical, but receiving group replies can be frustrating. One-way communication lets you contact your program without starting a “reply all” storm.

Social Media in One Place

Easily connect Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to the Bulletin Board. Parents and participants can quickly find all your official social media. This way, they won’t miss a single post.

Pin Key Messages

Some of your posts might be quick updates but some information just can’t be missed. Pin important posts to the top of the Bulletin Board so your program network always knows where to look.

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