5 Successful Fundraising Ideas

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What separates a winning fundraising idea from one that flounders?

Getting too creative with your group’s time and energy can quickly distract from what is actually important. Here are 5 essential qualities shared by the best team fundraising ideas to get you going and keep you focused on purpose and passion.

When it comes to choosing a fundraising idea for your team, the options are seemingly endless. At the end of the day, you want a fundraiser that works for you, your staff, and your students. But there are a few key factors that separate a fundraiser that simply works to a fundraiser that truly excels.

Here are five pillars you can lean on to make your next fundraiser more efficient, effective, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

1. A Compelling Mission

The best fundraisers are driven by a specific purpose – and a good one, at that.

What are you raising money for? You aren’t just aimlessly collecting dollars and cents. You have a goal that you are determined to achieve.

Are you trying to replace old, torn uniforms? Are you trying to send students to an academic retreat where they will learn leadership skills they can use throughout their lives?

The best fundraisers keep those involved accountable to getting the job done. Know and outline your purpose. Zero in on your mission and use that laser focus to drive your fundraiser to success.

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2. A Clear Impact

People don’t give away their money for things that don’t matter to them. The best fundraisers understand this and make sure to communicate to potential supporters how their donations will make an impact.

You’re not just trying to pile up enough dollar bills so that the whole soccer team can jump in haystack-style… so let people know that! Your program is meaningful and the financial needs of your program are real.

The money that people give even goes beyond the obvious, tangible purchase of jerseys, tickets to state, or a bus rental. The most successful fundraisers let their donors know that donations contribute to students’ lives, their experiences, their memories, and their futures.

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3. The Right Attitude

Fundraising can be difficult. Fundraising can be fatiguing. Fundraising can be awkward. These realities can bog down your efforts to raise money if your group is not fortified with the right attitude from the start.

At the end of the day, your fundraiser will not succeed if your participants lack motivation. Reinforce the reasons why fundraising is critical to the success of the program in order to keep buy-in and morale high.

With a clear understanding of the “why”, the group can move forward more efficiently, with a successful fundraiser in their sights.

4. It should be easy and not distract your group

Educators and coaches have many amazing qualities, but they likely did not choose their profession because of their passion for managing fundraising logistics. Teachers are meant to teach. Coaches are meant to coach. The best fundraising ideas are simply the ones that keep leaders leading and kids playing. An established fundraising partner or platform will help leaders stay focused on the most important part of their job description: mentoring young people.

That’s why the best fundraisers are run with a fundraising partner: a business or organization that provides an expert fundraising process. This fundraising partner is there to walk with you through the entire campaign, shoulder some of the load, help keep participants motivated, and provide technical and administrative support when needs arise.

Our goal at Snap! Raise is to provide an unmatched level of fundraising support. Our data-driven process and easy-to-use online platform are designed to help make fundraising painless. That’s why the campaign includes personal assistance from a Snap! Raise representative, whose job is to help you get your fundraiser running smoothly and provide support throughout the campaign.

Fundraising has never been a solo mission. Why should that be true of running one?

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5. Gratitude

The final key to a winning fundraiser is gratitude. It’s essential to acknowledge and appreciate the generosity of your supporters, because a donation or contribution of any kind is an act of goodwill from your community. That is something to be thankful for.

The fundraisers that truly excel are the ones that communicate this sense of gratitude to supporters. Don’t forget about the generous community members who invest in your program as soon as their checks are cashed. Their impact lasts longer than the few minutes it took them to donate, and the appreciation they receive should last longer, as well.

An extra bonus to expressing gratitude: donors that have been thanked for their gift are more likely to feel valued, appreciated, and compelled to donate again in the future.

There’s no need to waste your time, energy, and cheery disposition on a fundraiser that doesn’t work for you. Remember these five pillars when planning your next fundraiser and start fundraising with purpose and passion!

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